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RTS Home Inspections and Your New Home Floor Plan

A floor plan of a 3 bedroom home inspection
Get a floor plan with your home inspection

Floor plans are such an advantage to you as a new home owner for your new home. RTS at your request can supply you with a floor plan that is within inches of accuracy. Reason why it is an advantage to you are the following:

  1. A 2 dimensional floor plan provides a tangible visual sketch of each room.

  2. With this information you can plan furniture size and utilize existing walls efficiently for furniture placement.

  3. You can see the function and flow of your soon to be new home at your finger tips created by the home inspection.

  4. It will answer questions you may have without having to try to arrange another visit to the home after the home inspection occurred.

  5. RTS home inspections can also provide a 3 dimensional floor plan.

  6. This 3D enhancement gives you a sense of space utilization and an opportunity to create ideas for warmth to a room or other effects you may want to explore.

  7. Another benefit to having a home inspection floor plan is the ability it gives you to locate the area associated with the comments or recommendations that the inspector has made on the home inspection report.

3 dimensional floor plan of a 3 bedroom home.
3 dimensional floor plan with you home inspection

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