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1. Can A Professional Mold Home Inspection Protect Your Property?

Mold growth on interior wall

Mold will grow on building materials made of organic substances. The way mold grows is by eating away at those materials as it absorbs available moisture. This process is how mold reproduces itself. If this process is allowed to continue it will weaken the structural integrity of the building material it grows on. If allowed to continue even further, the mold matures and sends off spores into the air. These spores will land on other surfaces to begin the process over again. This is what is called a mold infestation.

Getting a mold inspection, also called a (mold assessment), is the starting point in stopping mold growth. This type of inspection can be performed both as a home inspection or a commercial property inspection. No matter what type of building it is, a mold inspection's mission is to find out where the source of moisture is and to locate the evidence of existing mold.

Once the discovery is made then a report is written so that a mold remediation process can completely clear those areas that are infested. A property can be protected if a mold inspection is done correctly. Having a mold inspection done is a time-tested procedure.

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